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Apple officially announces iAd expansion, now available in 102 countries


Apple officially announces iAd expansion, now available in 102 countries Earlier this week news leaked that Apple would begin offering automated purchasing of mobile ads by advertising agencies through its iAd program when one partner ad company accidentally published a press release early, and today Apple has officially shared the full announcement regarding iAd’s “move into programmatic channels.” In addition to Rubicon Project, Apple shared that it is partnering ... Read More »

The European Parliament is considering a call to break up Google!!


The European Parliament is considering a call to break up Google!! Google is a big company, perhaps too big, according to the European Parliament. By far the dominant player on the internet thanks to its leading search engine, Google’s size and power is reportedly worrying the European Parliament to the point that they’re considering a draft motion that would call for Google ... Read More »

Pebble rolls out revamped Android app


Pebble rolls out revamped Android app Pebble has announced today that its smartwatch and related apps are receiving a pretty massive update. For Android, the update comes on two fronts in the form of a completely revamped app, as well as new firmware for the device that brings support for a staggering number of new languages. Along with the 2.8 firmware supporting ... Read More »

iCloud lockscreen removal bypass/remove lockscreen!


iCloud lockscreen removal! iCloud lockscreen removal seemed impossible for a long time. In May 2014, however, two Dutch hackers  discovered and implemented the perfect way for the iCloud lockscreen removal. Apple was ‘famous’ for their high-end security measures and many believed it would never be possible to bypass Apple’s security. But by using a man-in-the-middle scenario, Doulci team was able to circumvent ... Read More »

Android 5.0 screenshots for HTC One M8

unknown (1)

Screenshots of Android 5.0 for HTC One M8 Screenshots of Android 5.0 on a HTC One M8 appeared online. Despite the new Android version, the manufacturer continued to use version 6 of the Sense interface. The images were published by the person behind the Twitter account LlabTooFer, which is known to have sources within the smartphone industry. The screenshots appearantly show the Sense interface, support for notifications on ... Read More »

Apple is going to include Beats Music from 2015 with iOS

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Apple is going to include Beats Music from 2015 with iOS Apple is going to supply the Beats Music-app standard from 2015 in iOS. Earlier there were rumors that Beats Music would be integrated in iOS. Now it says the Financial Times prove that the bundling also really takes place. The music service will immediately become available on a subscription ... Read More »

Google introduces 64 bit-version of Chrome for OS X


Google introduces 64 bit-version of Chrome for OS X Google has with Chrome 39 64 bit support for the browser to OS X brought. Further the browser update a large number of improvements on stability and performance to the Windows, Linux and OS X versions. Earlier Google already know that the 64 bit version of Chrome for OS X start ... Read More »

Review : Chat App Wiper really remove messages


Review : Chat App Wiper really remove messages  Get a Sweeper by the instant messages you’ve exchanged. The sweeper then remove the messages to yourself, and the other on the servers of the service. In addition, you can call for free to other protected users.That is the unique privacy-twist of the chatapp Wiper. But is that enough to get people ... Read More »

YouTube Unveils paid subscription: download movies legally


YouTube Unveils paid subscription: download movies legally For the time being the service, Music Key called, only available on smartphones. Biggest advantage: you can play videos and meanwhile another app, and you can download videos for later viewing/listening. Subscribers get access to Google as a bonus Play Music, Google’s counterpart of Spotify. The next six months is only available as ... Read More »

SanDisk brings usb stick for iOS


SanDisk brings usb stick for iOS  Sandisk has released a new usb stick with the name iXpand. The special thing is that there is both a normal usb connnector as a Lightning-connector on it. The idea is that you can exchange files between iOS and the desktop easier. Useful if you have a 8 GB or 16 GB iPhone and ... Read More »

First WINNER iPhone 6 Quincy_1412


We at doulci team would like to congratulate Quincy_1412 with his iphone !! Quincy_1412 won the first iphone 1.5 week ago. Led to the establishment, he also received him with the post !! Are you the next winner? Share doulCi and WIN !! 380 total views, 64 views today Read More »

Google Analytics now measures iOS app installation and use


Google Analytics now measures iOS app installation and use Google Analytics Gets a new feature, which is convenient for app developers and marketers. You can now via Google Analytics see if certain iOS apps are installed. The appontwikkelaar can see if campaigns to persuade consumers to a particular app to install, work.According to Google you can even see which campaigns ... Read More »

Blue check marks WhatsApp soon to disable


Blue check marks WhatsApp soon to disable The blue checkmarks that since yesterday in WhatsApp are soon off. This reports Ilhan Pektas on Twitter. Pace has long been betatester for WhatsApp and would now operate customer service at WhatsApp’s. He already leaked details on WhatsApp-updates out. In a single tweet says Pace that can be WhatsApp’s blue check marks soon ... Read More »

Nest app from App Store after crash problems..


The official Nest Mobile app for iPhone and iPad is removed from the App Store. Yesterday we all complaints that some people suffered from a crashing app, just after the update appeared.Through the app, you can Nest-thermostat and-smoke detector operate, also remotely. Meanwhile, version 4.4.1 of the app is available in the App Store, but who cares when installing an ... Read More »

Privacy protection of popular communication apps is lousy


An American Foundation maps out which communication apps most provide protection against eavesdropping. Ever heard of RedPhone? Or CryptoCat? Maybe not. Yet this some of the apps that offer the best protection against phone tapping, if you will call or want to exchange messages on your smartphone. To that conclusion, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a foundation based in San ... Read More »

Record phone calls on Mac with Audio Hijack Pro

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Record phone calls on Mac with Audio Hijack Pro Has become possible to phone calls from the iPhone to the Mac, for example, that also delivers new possibilities to calls. The well-known developer Rogue Amoeba has updated Audio Hijack Pro released, which allows you to record phone calls.Audio Hijack Pro update for Mac allows you to make recordings of your ... Read More »

Does your smart watch need a data plan?

Does your smart watch need a data plan? When Apple preannounced their Apple Watch, some naysayers complained that the watch doesn’t work as a standalone device. It requires an iPhone to be fully functional. But those critics should be careful what they wish for. There are competing smartwatches that can accept a SIM card and access the Internet directly via ... Read More »

Spotify finally gets it together on the iPad!


Spotify finally gets it together on the iPad.. For the last year or two, Spotify’s iPad app has been sadly, pathetically ignored. Like Twitter for Mac and Tweetbot for iPad, the app has lagged behind the iPhone version so badly that it almost feels like using a different service. So the use of the word finally is very fitting when ... Read More »

Schedule of the iCloud Bypass Tool , iCloud Remove Tool .


Schedule of the iCloud Bypass Tool , iCloud Remove Tool , iCloud lockscreen Remove tool by doulci! Beta test first 2 weeks of November only for the first registrations . End of November Release  of the iCloud Bypass Tool , iCloud Remove Tool , iCloud lockscreen Remove tool by doulci!.     5,865 total views, 979 views today Read More »

Tim Cook: ‘I’m proud to be gay’

tim cook i am proud to be gay

What was for years whispered in the corridors is confirmed today: Tim Cook is not just committed to equality of minorities. He himself belongs to a group that is often disadvantaged in the United States. In a candid article on Bloomberg Tim Cook announces that he is gay – and he is proud on it. While I have never denied my ... Read More »

Office for Mac will be coming to the App Store in early 2015!


Next version of Office for Mac will be coming to the App Store in early 2015 Following our report yesterdayrevealing several leaked shots for the next version of Microsoft Office for Mac, we’re hearing confirmation that not only are the shots legitimate, but that Office for Mac could be here sooner than you think. The scoop comes from Mary Jo Foley ... Read More »

Apple SIM not come to iPhone


Apple Chief Executive Greg Joswiak has indicated in an interview that Apple SIM not comes to iPhone. The Apple iPad SIM card is quietly introduced in the Air 2 and iPad mini 3 and ensures that users can exchange easily between providers. It led to speculation that it would be a small step to also deliver an Apple SIM at ... Read More »

The story about doulCi iCloud Bypass


The story of the original doulCi Team consists officially out of four men. Called Merruktechnolog, Aquaxetine, MinaCriss, and Mscv50 the webmaster of the doulCi website (Ac3l0gic) joined in early June, Raz3r joined later)   “Apple just ignored us in the beginning, so we came out into the public with our findings.”   To Start off , well in the last 6 months doulCi repeatedly made ​​the news. and ... Read More »

iOS 8.1 now available for download, what is new ?


Apple iOS 8.1 available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The arrival of iOS 8.1 is related to the new iPads starting this week, available in the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries, which require support for the Touch ID-sensory. But there are four new features that make iOS 8.1 more interesting for many people. Five major innovations in iOS 8.1 ... Read More »

About the Server Registration


On Monday, October 20, we completed 200 + successful registrations. However, there are server problems by many people. We will this week the server upgrade on our peak there were 52,000 thousand people an unprecedented success online. And there will be online 2 registration .. then we go Beta….. 1,653 total views, 217 views today Read More »

Flickr – app has been optimized for the iPad


Flickr has picked a good time to optimize for there iOS app for the iPad. Because the iPad Air 2 has more camera options then the iPad Air 1. The app officialy from Yahoo has finally been optimized for the iPad after four years the photos are displayed in such a way that they come into their own on the ... Read More »

Smart Covers and Smart Cases Updated


Apple has just released an iPad 2 and iPad mini Air 3 . Simultaneously with it came new Smart Covers and Smart Cases in the Apple Store. As is known, the Smart Cover only covers the screen of the iPad, while offering the Smart Cover all around protection. Cases for iPad 2 Air ipad-air smart case Air iPad Smart Cover ... Read More »

New Mac Mini Revealed by Apple


The iMac with retina display is not the only new Mac from Apple, there is also a new Mac mini revealed. This Mac mini features a fourth-generation Intel processor, uses Intel HD Graphics 5000 as Iris and GPU and has a built in flash drive. On the back of the Mac mini are now two Thunderbolt ports. The full specifications ... Read More »

iMac with Retina Display 5K announced by Apple


  Apple has announced the iMac with Retina display. “There has never been a desktop display like this,” said Apple’s marketing boss Phil Schiller on stage during an Apple special event. The new iMac has a screen with 14.7 million pixels and delivers according to Apple the world’s highest resolution in a computer. Apple calls it a Retina 5K screen. ... Read More »

Apple Unveils iPad 2 Air


Apple has officially announced the iPad Air 2. The new iPad Air has the same design as its predecessor and is particularly improved on the inside. In addition, the Air iPad 2 is also available in gold. Until now, the iPad was only available in silver and gray space. Apple includes a powerful A8X processor added to the iPad Air ... Read More »

iOS 8.1 available on Monday, October 20th


  Apple ‘s iOS 8.1 on will be avaible on 20 october 2014  . This was announced at Apple ‘s big media event. The iOS 8.1 update will add American iOS users the payment option called Pay to Apple . It is also expected that Apple has fixed a number of bugs in iOS 8.1. 205 total views, 37 views today Read More »

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