How To Use The Doulci Icloud Bypass

How To Use The Doulci iCloud Bypass

Doulci iCloud bypass is one of the safest, most efficient, and easiest ways to open an iPhone or iPad that is locked by the iCloud security system. You are sure to love the price because it is free. The Doulci iCloud bypass works for all iPads and all iPhones that use iOS 10 or iOS 9. The biggest advantage in using this tool is that is a permanent fix to being locked out of a phone by iCloud security.

You need a smartphone or a desktop computer to use the Doulci iCloud bypass. You will also need a cable that has port connections that fit the port on the bottom of your phone and a USB port on your computer or the other phone you will use. You need to be in a position that allows you to see and use the iPhone or iPad as well as the computer or phone you download the program to.

The program is designed to eliminate the hassle of finding the codes in the battery box and verifying ownership of the phone. Verification of ownership requires the paperwork that came with the phone and most people do not keep this. The program is very helpful for people that buy a phone from an individual and want to get the phone up and running quickly.

The first step is to download the Doulci iCloud bypass. It takes about 10 seconds or less depending on the speed of the computer. You get six files when you download the bypass. The easiest way to start is to click the installation file in the download folder.

The PC or phone you are using to fix your iPhone or iPad will display instructions and a list of devices. Pick the device that you want to get the iCloud lock off of. The screen of the computer or phone you downloaded the Doulci iCloud bypass to will look like your iPad or iPhone screen.

The iPhone or iPad you are fixing will show a screen that has an option to continue or to select a new password. Select the continue tab on the phone you are repairing. The computer that has the bypass on it will ask you to continue also.

It may take the program as long as 20 minutes to go through all the necessary gyrations to get your unusable phone or device back in shape and working. You are not done yet. You need to enter a new password for the iCloud lock so that you can get back into the phone when you switch it off.

The Doulci iCloud bypass is fast and simple. It may cost you $10 for a cable but most companies that do the same thing charge at least $20. You do not have to deal directly with Apple to get this phone fix done in about 30 minutes at most.

Leave the Doulci iCloud bypass resident on your computer or other phone in case you forget your password or get another phone.

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