Three Ways To Overcome ICloud Activation Lock

Three Ways To Overcome ICloud Activation Lock

The iCloud activation lock feature on Apple’s iPhone 7 all the way to the iPhone 4 was designed as a safety and phone security feature. The iCloud activation lock feature forces you to enter information so that you can access the phone, the internet, and all of the other features on the phone.

The feature is particularly important for people that use their phone for shopping and keep credit card information resident on apps and store sites. The iCloud activation lock is also very necessary for business people that keep proprietary work stored on their phones. There are some problems with this feature.

The folk at Apple just forgot about human nature. People forget their codes. People sell their phones or give them away and do not tell the new owner the code. A new owner has to have the documentation that came with the phone in order to get any certified Apple professional to perform an iCloud unlock and iCloud Bypass. Unfortunately, the majority of iPhone owners have disposed of the paperwork.

A multitude of complaints from customers that purchased a used iPhone and could not bypass the iCloud activation use the iCloud Bypass forced from doulCi to create a fix for this problem. Apple’s fix for their mistake requires that you use another phone or computer. Your second option is to get a technology company to remove the previous owner’s codes for you. You can do it yourself.

To use Apple’s site you must have the international mobile equipment identity number for your phone. Look in the battery slot for a 15 digit number. Go to Apple’s official site. Enter the identity number and after five minutes or so the phone will be usable.

Many technology companies offer free and low cost services to do an iCloud unlock and iCloud Bypass All these companies require that you provide them with the international mobile equipment identity number. The companies do the same thing as Apple does. The cost can be zero or as much as $20 depending on the company.

Some of the free services abscond with the data that the previous owner left on the phone. You need to check the history and veracity of any company that performs this service.

If you are technically adept you can take the operating system from an older phone and put it in the phone that will not unlock. This is a simple file transfer. The iCloud unlock and iCloud Bypass is not complete until you bypass the step that asks if you want to skip the lost password step. This is the first screen you will see. The phone will update all of the files for the version of the phone you have.

Getting Apple to do this for you is the safest and easiest way to unlock a phone. An extreme measure to remove the problem is to delete your iPhone account completely and then create a new account with the new phone.

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